Back Talk

Well everybody seems to know someone with back pain or has had it themselves in the past. We have therefore decided to start regular talks regarding understanding of how to have a healthy back and to manage our ever increasing busy and stressful lifestyles including being kind to our backs.

We are beginning FREE monthly talks on causes , management, correct lifting techniques and simple home exercises . They will be on the first Wednesday of every month.

Ring our clinic 0113 2754848 or contact us on the

Remember get FIT for skiing

I have recently seen a few past patients who are telling me excitedly that they are going skiing in the next few weeks. Many have had knee problems which have resolved. Have you started your strengthening programme again then ? “Sorry no I haven’t” is the usual reply.
Whether you have had a problem in the past or never had had an injury, it is worth starting a some preventative strengthening routine. If in doubt get some proper advice from a Physio or trainer so not to spoil a great experience.