Effects of Running and Walking on Osteoarthritis .

There is always a lot of speculation is always around regarding which is best to prevent Osteoarthritis in the hips and knees. There are a few factors to consider apart from the forces applied to the joints themselves. Comparing sports such as soccer, weight-lifting, cross country walking and running brings up interesting results for example that running itself can have less incidence of Osteoarthritis.

There is also the fact that regular running can reduce body weight which can also be helpful in reducing the risk of Osteoarthritis and sometimes leads to an increase in cartilage strength.

So scaremongering about running can sometimes  be counterproductive.

A patient’s history in other sports can be useful and also their occupation can be relevant. As repeated squatting at work can lead to problems.

So running can be a very  useful form of exercise but can actually be  helpful to prevent, rather than cause degeneration of the knees or hips.


Tread slowly.

So the first day of spring is here… We gardeners can’t wait to get onto our plots and start digging and weeding in preparation for that moment when you sit back and enjoy a glass of wine in summer admiring all the hard work we are about to embark on now.


Prepare for this task as you would when you restart any activity or sport do some preparation. Start slowly and always warm up. Make sure you take plenty of fluids when you are working , as it is easy to forget how long you have been pulling , digging, pushing lifting, bending etc…

Stand up regularly and stretch backwards, change activities often so different parts of the body are used i.e don’t stay digging and twisting for more than 30 mins. Stand and admire your handiwork more often.

Start slowly- the season is longer than you think.