Stand up who wants to stay healthy?

A recent article in the Times highlights the fact that sitting down for too long can contribute to conditions including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The damage may not be undone by exercising outside the workplace.

Scientists commissioned by Public Health England, writing in the Journal of Sports Medicine,said that employers should encourage the workforce to stand as between 65 to 75% of office workers’ working hours  is spent in chairs .

In Scandinavia, it is estimated 90 % of office workers have access to sit-stand workstations compared to 1% in Britain.

Now not all firms can suddenly invest in these type of workstations but they can encourage some basics  behaviour changes . These  may include standing or walking at breaks and lunch, moving the waste bin further away , walking to speak to colleagues instead of emailing, standing to speak on the phone,standing meetings and eventually standing desks.

In addition obvious improvements in posture and gentle stretching exercises  every hour will decrease pressure on the spine  and also improve overall well-being and reduce absentism.

So who wants to stand up now?