The next phase for the Clinic.

Yes we have managed to be able to allow the patients back into the clinic and therefore able to do a more in depth assessment of their problems.

We have had a lot different causes for injuries during lock down including the over-exuberance of the would be Monty Don’s of North Leeds , the born again runners and cyclists plus the ones working from home. These could also be the ones that have to work and home school the kids and spend more time with their partners… what a combination! So stress levels also add to the increased number of neck and back problems we have seen.

For us we are missing seeing the different interior designs of people’s houses and the helpful interaction from their partners holding the video devices ..

But onwards and upwards and hopefully things may get back to normal … whatever that is..

Face to face appointments

Just an update to stay the majority of our appointments are now face to face. We have been very lucky and managed to keep our clinic open from the start of the Covid 19 Pandemic, with the help our our patients working through the confusing and anxious times we have had to experience. I think it has meant we have had to embrace or be led tentatively and sometimes kicking and screaming into the arms of 21st Century Technology! But we have clung on! Thanks to all our patients..who have come along with us.