Why getting Older doesn’t mean stop being Sporty.

We are forever treating patients who feel almost embarrassed that they want to continue playing or participating in sport once they reach 50ish. People are  more aware of their health and  they feel that by continuing to participate in their hobby it will prevent future cardiovascular problems occurring .

This is a good ideology but we still need to remember that the body like any other” machine “, may need adjustments.

People are often surprised that as they have been running, cycling or playing a particular sport for most of their lives why should  they develop for example a knee or back problem .

We explain that the chosen hobby doesn’t necessarily strengthen all the joints of the body and that other activities during their life needs to be considered.

So our advice is to have regular MOT’s on their body in order to  fine tune muscles and joints  as they did when they were  younger. Training is  needed probably more so now if we are able to enjoy a long and active injury -free life.

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