Yorkshire Achievers Award 2014

Marie and I were invited to the Gala Diner which was raising money for the Yorkshire Young Achievers Charity ,www.yorkshireyoungachievers.co.uk which is an organisation which helps to recognize and reward the endeavors of young people across Yorkshire. The money raised goes towards many local projects including: contributing towards a soft play area for John Jamieson School which includes children with physical and medical difficulties; a new wheel chair for a young disabled athlete enabling to continue the sport he loves, basketball and rugby; Support Dogs a charity which provides dogs to help children with autism and other problems that would otherwise restrict the children’s life and compromise their safety.

Not only was it a very enjoyable evening but it celebrated the fact that young people can show audacity and intergrity when it comes to having to face adversity just as much as any adult.

Thank you Mike Riley at the PGMOL for inviting us .

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