New Innovations in Hip Pain Management

Last week we attended an excellent course on Hip Arthroscopy. This is a procedure that enables Orthopaedic Surgeons to examine and treat early problems in hips of the under 45 year olds, so that it may prevent  the necessity for a full hip replacement .

Although hip replacements can be very successful in the older patient it is not an operation that enables the younger patient  to return to a full an active life . Dancers and professional sportsmen and women often need an intervention early in order them to continue their career.

We learnt from the course not only the rehabilitation protocol but the need and means for an early diagnosis . Many of these hip problems can be successfully treated by Physiotherapists with rehabilitation only but the  need to be able to recognise if and when referral is applicable is an important skill.

Thanks to Mr Jon Conroy and colleagues for an excellent course.

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