Don’t Fall For It!

Only frail people fall don’t they? No… one in three over 65 ,many in decent health will have a fall this year. It may be yourself or someone around you . We can’t stop the ageing process but we can manage it better.

Between the age of 50-70 , we can lose 30% of muscle strength and yes you can decrease this by doing some form of regular activity. The basic recommended activity level is 30 minutes five times a week: gardening ,cycling,jogging,walking even vigorous housework can count.

The advice is also to do twice weekly muscle strengthening, for all ages but particularly for the over 65’s.

We treat many people would do regular aerobic exercises but don’t seem to include flexibility or strengthening. Many joint such as knees and shoulder benefit greatly from retaining their muscle mass.

If you are unsure of an appropriate program then your physiotherapist can advise you.

Don’t become that 1 in 3…

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