The Fitness Debate

Well over the past few weeks we seem to be inundated with the perfect way to get fit from Dr Michael Moseley, Matt Rudd, Joe Wicks to name but a few. Included are doing 10000 steps to which means wearing type of   Fit Bit  watch( just to name one) recording your activity levels from walking to sleeping- which could be in something George Orwell could have predicted  to doing a couple of strenuous bursts of activity of 2 xs 20secs… the HITT program where a specialised bike is required.

Reading around these programs I felt that the average person should maybe start from a basic level which is progressed slowly. I typed in Sensible ways to get fit  into a search engine and NHS Choices came up phew…

So thinking of starting and finishing  2018 in a healthier place then this is a good place to start.


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