Anterior Cruciate Tear…What happens next?

Last night I attended a talk by Steve Bollen MB,FRCS,FRCSed. Orth., who is is an extremely experienced knee surgeon who has an expertise in Anterior Cruciate recontructions.

Over the years we have seen many advances in knee surgery where the ligament used was an artificial material and the rehabilitation was slow and very restrictive,having to keep the limb immobilised and be non weight- bearing. This often was very difficult especially when you were  treating a very active sports person whose life resolved around being active.

Well things changed and the realisation that early mobilisation with having an accomplished Surgeon operating, followed by  an accelerated rehabilitation by an experienced Sports Physiotherapy Team gave excellent results.

Marie and I have been lucky enough to work with Steve for many years and have had and continue to have  a good working relationship with him. The talk underlined that over the years he has helped many people to get there working and sporting, both amateur and professional lives back.

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